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Allergen Policy

Due to the nature of zero waste shopping, it is inevitable that nearly all allergens are present in the shop. Whether this be in the form of the product itself or traces due to the manufacturing process, they will be present.Whether this be in the form of the product itself or traces due to the manufacturing process, other allergens may be present in your product. We do everything that we can to keep allergens separate within the shop and in storage, however there is still a chance of traces in an open environment as allergens are present on the premises.


We have different scoops for all the allergens and separate funnels for customers with small containers; we keep the allergen containing products separate as possible in the store room, however not in a self-contained area.

We state any allergens present in products or traces, that have been notified by our suppliers, on our dispensers and you may scan the QR code on your label at home (if present). If you have a minor allergy, please ask for a for clean, designated funnel before dispensing. If you suffer from life threatening allergies, we do not recommend shopping here. If you or someone you are cooking for has a severe allergy, please speak to a member of staff first, you may contact us on 0121 389 3473 or before your visit.

We take cross contamination and food hygiene very seriously and it is practices like this that have helped us achieve our 5 star hygiene rating!

Hygiene and safety Policy

All our product dispensers/jars are filled in our shop in a hygienic environment (all utensils and containers are washed and sanitised before use).

If you bring your own containers to fill - please ensure they are cleaned thoroughly, and fit for purpose, as we cannot take responsibility after the product has left our dispensers. Containers must be completely dry before refilling as water promotes the growth of bacteria and can also reduce the shelf-life of products.


Unfortunately, products that enter a customer’s container cannot be put back into our dispensers due to the risk of cross-contamination. As a small business we therefore kindly request that you purchase anything you dispense.

For full traceability, where possible, we display our batch numbers, best before dates and ingredients on our products. We advise all our customers to take note of this and transfer the information on to your own containers when refilling or use the QR code where provided. For cleaning products, you are only permitted to use containers which are made for those specific products. We also have sticker labels with hazard symbols for the different cleaning products – available on request.


Many thanks!

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