20 Organic plasters from Organii size 7x2cm

Why do some conventional plasters cause skin irritations such as itching and rashes? There are many reasons including:

May be impregnated with disinfectant

May be irradiated

May contain glue made from chemical adhesives

May contain PVC

May contain cotton grown using chemical fertilisers

May contain cotton treated with herbacides or fungacides

May contain chemically bleached cotton

Why are Organii plasters different? 

They are are designed to be kind and gentle to the skin, while still helping to protect cuts, grazes, lumps and bumps. They are:

Dermatologically tested

100% organic cotton backing

100% organic cotton pad

100% vegetable based adhesives

Are delicate and allow the skin to breathe

Suitable for vegetarians

Free from disinfectants

Free from irradiation

Free from mineral oils

Free from chemical bleaching

Plastic free (small layer of silicone on protective paper sheet on plasters)

Ingredients78% organic cotton, 22% natural adhesive

Contents: 20

Product code:  ORGPLASTER20

Organii Organic Cotton Plasters - 20's 7x2cm


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