Student Zero Waste Shopping Experience - 20% off on 01/10/20

12pm - 7.15pm (30 min timeslots throughout the day)


We are the UK’s largest and Birmingham's first and only independent zero waste supermarket! We want plastic-free, high quality and local products to be even more accessible to those on a student budget. This is especially true during these uncertain times where low-waste lifestyle may have become less of a priority.


Let us help by giving you 20% off, plus a complimentary zero waste gift when you spend over £20. If you are coming for the first time (or maybe you haven't been back for a while) - we will give you the full zero waste shopping experience by giving you a tour around the shop, show you exactly how zero waste shopping works and explain some of our favourite plastic saving products, local producers and share some zero waste hacks! Alternatively, if you are a seasoned zero waste shopper, come straight in and start zero waste shopping with 20% off!

If you have been conscious of the effect on the planet, because of your single use plastic consumption, then this is a perfect opportunity to make a change and start your journey...

Tickets are £2 each to help ensure that everyone that has booked a ticket attends the limited spaces that we can have, due to Covid-19 social distancing. We are limited to 4 customers per time slot so please only book a ticket if you are able to come; we are a small ethical business and cannot afford to have any no shows and it would be a shame for another student to miss out if tickets sell.

Previously, when we have offered a FREE ticket, we have found the no show percentage is 50% or more which is why we have decided to take an initial charge. However, you can recoup the ticket charge with a choice of a complimentary zero waste gift if you spend £20 or over - choices will include a bamboo toothbrush, stainless steel or bamboo straw or a bar of soap!

Everyone will need their own ticket, but you can purchase up to three more for friends if you would like the same time slot (depending on availability).

Timeslots are strictly limited to around 30 minutes so that we have some time to sanitise in between each session.


You will be sent a payment link to confirm the booking - please complete the payment within 24 hours as we cannot hold the tickets longer than this.

Terms and Conditions - 1) Present a valid student photo card (please bring your university/college letter if date is not shown) upon entry - we reserve the right to refuse entry or to not apply the discount without valid student ID. 2) The 20% discount will applied up to the value of £100 per customer/per transaction and is only valid during your booked time slot.


Other important points:

1) Prepare for your zero waste shop now by collecting reusable containers (these can be ones that were doomed for single use) or you can purchase some lovely glass or tin ones from us. But don’t worry, we will have paper bags and donated containers available too! Please bring your carrier bags!

2) Check out our product range here so you can prepare the suitable containers for your zero-waste shopping experience! https://www.thecleankilo.co.uk/products


Please share with your friends to maximise our plastic saving impact! #zerowastebrum

STUDENT DAY 20% OFF 5.15pm to 5.45pm


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