Digbeth (during Covid-19 only lockdown):

We are closed in Digbeth until further notice. Please help us by using our Click & Collect service in Bournville.

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Bournville (during Covid-19 only) Click & Collect order collection only

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Welcome to Click and Collect - BOURNVILLE ONL

min order £20/max £70

Welcome to our Click & Collect Bournville Shop – we have set this up for those that are fit and healthy, and able to come to collect in store - we encourage health care workers, and similar, to use this service. If you are in the vulnerable group, as per government advice, please stay safe at home and ask someone to click and collect for you - we are working on a delivery service so we can come directly to you! If the person collecting the order is not able to make a payment in the shop for you, please let us know in advance so we can take payment over the phone before collection.


Our order capacity limit is 35 orders per day or you can order up until 9pm if we haven't reached capacity.


Please note that you will recieve an email with your half and hour time slot for next day collection by 10pm the same evening. If you do recieve an email, please do not come to collect your order as this means we reached our order capacity for next day collection so your order will be put through for collection the following day. You will get an email with you time slot as we send them chronologically so please don't worry and you do not need to get in touch. If you order on a Sunday, you will not get an email back until Monday afternoon for a collection time on Tuesday.

Half hour time slot collections will be between 2pm to 5pm Tuesday to Sunday in Bournville - we are closed Monday.

Min order £20 and max order £70 - please note there will be a 5% packing fee applied e.g £1 for £20 spent to max £3.50 for £70 as we have found it labour intensive to pack but would like to be able to continue offering this service.

Due to levels of stock fluctuating on a daily basis during Covid-19, customers are able to make orders through the website without payment in the rare case that we can't fulfil the entire order. Please allow up to a 20% discrepancy on your requested weight as it is very difficult for us to hit e.g. exactly 500g in the bag (although we are getting better!) You will only be charged on collection for the items and weights that were actually packed.

You are able to purchase any two additional items that not appear on the website during your collection - please check our full product list and have these in mind https://www.thecleankilo.co.uk/products. Please note they will be paper packed or you can purchase them with our own glass containers if it is a liquid. Please remember to put any frozen items in suitable containers in the freezer when you get home and the same for any items that must be stored on an airtight container.


Although not perfect, we have tried to add as many items that we sell on to our website so that customers are able to purchase them. Majority of items are paper packed or loose - please bring your own carrier bags. See below for liquid items:

Please only bring our specified clean/dry bottles to be refilled with liquids. You will be asked to wash your hands and santise the exterior of the bottle (sanitiser and paper towels provided) before passing it to our member of staff on your arrival.


For now we will only be refilling cleaning products into our own 'FILL' branded bottles or you can purchase our glass bottles of cleaning products to refill next time. Please do not bring any other bottles. All bottles must have the cleaning product infomation labelled on.


For oil, you can only refill the 500ml and 1litre glass oil bottles that have been purchased from us or purchase the oil with the bottle to refill next time.


For milk you can only refill the 500ml and 1 litre glass milk bottles that have been purchased from us or purchase the milk with the glass bottle to refill next time.


Thank you so much for sticking with us (with all these additional procedures to consider) and supporting us through Click & Collect!