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Zero Waste Shop consultancy

Spring Workshop April 2022 - please register your interest

Photo/Video Credits: Dominika Kubalova


We offer a variety of workshops and bespoke consultancy options for those looking to open their own zero waste shop, or expand their existing shop to incorporate a zero waste dispensing element.



Online 'Zoom' Zero Waste Shop Set up Workshop for Beginners - suitable for applicants that have started serious research at the start of their journey - it can also be useful for existing businesses that need help with branding and adding a zero waste dispensing element to their business.

2 x 4hrs sessions over two days - April 2022

Price: £160 +VAT for up to two participants per company (multiple screens allowed)

This workshop is designed as a comprehensive overview of how to set up a zero waste shop from start to finish. As we will be in small groups, there will be plenty of chances to ask individual questions specific to your business. You will be asked to fill out details in your application regarding what you are looking to learn on the course prior to the workshop dates. We will try to cover as much as we can from everyone's request in the time that we have with you.

As we receive a high number of consultancy requests, we are asking for a short application from serious applicants to be filled out so that we can select the companies that are on the most similar stage on their journey to ensure the workshop is as relevant to you as possible.

Please note, we do not accept any companies on to our courses that have an existing zero waste shop nearby to their proposed premises/existing premises (the exact distance depends on the density of the location). Unfortunately, zero waste shopping is not yet 'mainstream' and we would like to protect existing zero waste shop owners and it will be better for the new business too.

Example Itinerary:

5.00pm to 9.00pm Session 1 - 4 hours with 10 minute break

INTRO -  Share your story?

MARKETING PART A – Market research, building your brand, setting up social media

EQUIPMENT – Items required (our UK contact list is given)

FINANCE - Set up cost/ Running cost/ Accounting

FUNDING - Crowdfunding/Grants/Other

MARKETING PART B - Social media pages/ Website set-up/ Other

Q&A throughout


Next Day 5pm to 9pm Session 2 - 4 hours with 10 minute break

PRODUCT RANGE – (our UK stock supplier list given)

HYGIENE AND REGULATION - (We cover the basics, you still need to contact your local EHO)

SHOP DESIGN - Incorporating your brand/product plan/construction/storage

HR AND OPENING HOURS - Recruitment/staff/opening hours/PAYE

OPENING DATE- Preparation/final checklist

MAINTAINING AND GROWING - How to keep up the great work

FINAL THOUGHTS - To take away, review and set new goals

Q&A throughout and 45 minutes at the end

To submit your interest for the above workshop, please click here.

You will be contacted by end of March if we are able to provide you a space on our course in April.

Bespoke Consultancy and Retail Solutions


Video conference calls/ on site training/ visiting your location


We offer everything from a consultancy call for 1 hour to inviting you to train with us on site - 'A Day in the Life of a Zero Waste Shop Owner', to visiting your location and making recommendations.

Full projects


We are able to help with your shop set up from start to finish and be as involved as much as you require. Previous projects have involved setting up another company from stratch, marketing, sourcing suppliers, implementing logistics, staffing and the physical build of the store, in which we relocated ourselves for 2 months.

Design Consultancy


We have decades of design experience which is crucial to having a sucessful zero waste shop. Without the packaging - your shop must become the packaging to attract customers. We will be able to apply our knowledge of design and retail, and our ethos of 'reuse and upcycle' to adapt to your brand, store requirements and budget to create a truly unique shopping experience.



We offer website build and professional photography services, please see our sister websites:


Bespoke Retail Units


We pride ourselves in our resourcefulness to salvage materials that we can upcycle into shop design units - saving both money and the world's resources. We are able to custom build units for you or design and draw up plans for you to take to your carpenter. See below for some inspiration - we are happy to replicate items exactly as you see in the image, or work to a theme or design of your own.



'A course is an absolute must for anyone that is planning to start a zero waste shop. It gives you a lot of very profesionally delivered information and an absolutly unique first-hand honest experience'

Kolo Zero Feb 2021

'The scope and depth of information was absolutely brilliant, and the opportunity to ask any questions was very much appreciated. Gives you more confidence and peace going further, as you know that Tom and Jeanette know what they are talking about.

The handouts come very handy, especially the cashflow forecast, as it's tailored specifically for the zero waste shop setting and, I guess, for me, it was the most valuable thing to receive along with the equipment and suppliers list. Saves you a ton of time and headache.'

Alina from Back to Eden Feb 2021

'Attending The Clean Kilo workshop was an invaluable step in our business journey. Having walked the walk, Tom and Jeanette truly know their stuff. I felt privileged to attend their workshop as I took away soo much, especially loads of little things that hadn't even crossed my mind!

The fact that they are ready to share their expertise, knowledge and best practices about their business is a real testament to their true characters.'

Taheer 2021

'The Clean Kilo owners know their stuff and are humble enough to share their expertise in a very professional, detailed and supportive way. Their workshop was invaluable to our business and I'm sure it will be to others setting up a zero-waste shop.'

March 2020 Connie from Package Free Larder


'Wonderful opportunity which I felt very fortunate to be involved in. Tom and Jeanette shared their wealth of knowledge throughout what was a fantastic day. We took so many things away from the workshop and want to thank you very much!!'

March 2020 Lucy Reynolds from Goodness Zero Waste

If you are interested in any of the above services, please email to discuss further and obtain a quote.

We have a long list of past clients but here are just a few

The Guernsey Weigh (April - June 2019)

Jess Dollinger - The Good Neighbour (September 2019)

Connie Fenner - Package Free Larder (March 2020)

Lucy Reynolds - Goodness Zero Waste (March 2020)

Sara Shreeve - Friendly Foods (March 2020)

Sarah Pitt and Ruth Smith - Our Green Shop (March 2020)

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