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Join our team to help reduce plastic pollution at our new Moseley store!

What does it take to be in The Clean Kilo team?!

Passion for the environment, lots of hard work and showing great initiative!


Part-time shop assistant role -




or alternatively someone with flexbility to do from 15 and up to 30 hours

We are only accepting applicants who have hospitality or retail experience that would be able to work at our new Moseley store (11 St Mary's Row), but with the possibility of some hours at the Bournville shop, from time to time. We are looking for staff members to stay for the medium- to long-term duration and must be able to work on consistent days throughout the entire year (including Christmas period and Summer).

Please send your CV and cover letter to

The below outlines this job role:

Why are we different to any other shop you may have worked at?

Because we are selling items packaging free of course! - committing to selling without the packaging means our job is much harder! See below for the detailed list of the work that is required in a zero-waste shop!

Heavy lifting and on your feet:

Imagine, in a regular supermarket… all the plastic packaged items are quickly stacked on a shelf and picked up by customers. At our shop, you will have to be reasonably fit as you be lifting heavy dispensers and filling it up with a bulk bag when products are low and putting away bulk deliveries (up to 25kg bags).  

Also, you will be on a busy shop floor, multi-tasking and likely to be on your feet for the duration of your shift – this ranges from 6 to 10 hours (with a break of course!).

Lots of cleaning:

No packaging means our dispensers need to be cleaned regularly and thoroughly.

Also, we have created a circular economy with many of our local suppliers to eliminate single use packaging. This means containers need cleaned before they are returned to the supplier – for instance our 10L buckets for milk, our 7kg box for coffee, or 1.5kg bucket for crisp, the list goes on!

Refusing to sell in plastic convenience packaging means actually taking the extra time to REUSE what we have!

Above and beyond customer service:

If you have been into our shop particulary on a Saturday, you will know we always have lots of new customers and passers-by. We pride ourselves on giving amazing customer service because we don’t want anyone to feel alienated by our zero-waste shop. We want our customers to feel confident using our dispensers and scales and to feel that no question is too silly to ask! We also need staff with lightening reaction to catch any new customers that look like they are about to make an epic spillage!

Soaring hygiene standards

When you work in a shop without packaging, vigilance with hygiene is key - our work environment, ultimately is susceptible to a higher risk of cross contamination. Therefore, our staff have to be extra careful when filling dispensers and super hygienic all round!


Other roles include:

Visual merchandising - we need a keen eye for detail and making the shop look ‘instagrammable’ as some may say.

Handling money and operating a till (our scale system is pretty easy to get used to after a while).


Other qualities:

Retail/hospitality and customer service experience is essential.

We are also looking for staff with knowledge on living a more sustainable lifestyle and an interest in food, cooking and health.

If you have managed to get to the bottom of this post and you are still interested – well done! We are a lovely close-knit team and we have fun here - although the job role is demanding, it is rewarding that the effort we make is to ultimately to help reduce plastic pollution and raise awareness!


Please state on your cover letter why you are the right person for this challenging role, your availability (which days and your min and max hours you require) and if you are able to work at both locations or if you have a preference. Send this along with your CV to


Huge apologies in advance that we will not be able to get back to unsuccessful applicants as we are a really small team.

Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you!

Jeanette and Tom