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Fill any container you like in order to buy products from our store; as long as it is clean and will fit on our scales! In the process you will be cutting down on plastic packaging that so often gets thrown 'away' within minutes of purchasing. When shopping with us you also cut down on food miles because we have many products from producers and growers from in and around birmingham - like organically grown salad leaves from Aston!


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Zero waste workshops and talks

If you are interested in learning more about how to get to be more zero waste then come along to one of our workshops and talks. This coming winter we will have a whole host of talks and workshops packed with exciting ways to cut down on waste. Learn how to make your own soaps or dish washing scrubbies. These workshops would also make an excellent zero waste Christmas or birthday present!

Look out for dates on our social media pages!


Supermarkets are boring.... but not this one! Here at The Clean Kilo, we focus on REAL INTERACTION. Talk to any member of our team about the products you are buying and ask for any recommendations on how to live a more zero waste lifestyle.
Also you can get involved in your food! Grind your own coffee, to squeezing your own orange juice and everyone's favourite - making your own peanut butter - we have all the machines to do it because we believe food should be fun!

Meet the producer, sample the products!

We believe it's important to know where your food comes from and to personally know the people that produce or grow it. This gives you a much better understanding of the importance of food and that it doesn't just appear on supermarket shelves. On these days you'll get an opportunity to try delicious food and drink and have your say about which products we should stock!


Zero waste gifts

There are plenty of options for zero waste gifts at The Clean Kilo. From food, reusable bottles, soaps/ toiletries, beeswax wraps to a zero waste gift card!

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