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There is currently no viable scientific solution to remove plastic from the ocean, there is only one realistic solution: TO REDUCE THE NEED FOR SINGLE-USE PLASTICS. This doesn't just mean plastic cutlery or coffee cups, but also the plastic surrounding almost every product you buy from a supermarket.

We have opened up the largest zero waste supermarket where customers can buy food, drink, toiletries and cleaning products by weight (this list continues to grow). All products will be dispensed into containers that you bring from home. There will also be an option to buy reusable containers from us, use supplied paper bags or take containers from our 'free to a good home' section.

our solution

How is shopping at The Clean Kilo an advantage?

By shopping at The Clean Kilo you can:

  • saving money on packaging because you won't be paying the unnecessary waste.

  • not wasting food because you can buy as much or as little as you need meaning you can try new ingredients without having to buy tonnes (another money saver!).

  • getting super fresh ingredients like peanut butter and coffee, ground by yourself in store, along with fruit juices from our juicer!

  • helping save the planet and marine wildlife.

  • helping to keep toxic chemicals off your dinner plate.

  • helping to educate people about sustainability issues. We organise workshops, school visits and company visits in order to spread the word about zero waste.

  • reinventing your kitchen storage space without being relentlessly targeted with marketing every time we enter our kitchen.