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Washable sponge made with layers of bamboo and organic cotton, with no plastic in sight. To make them even more durable, FRoG have added an organic cotton waffle backing. This is a thick, tough and dark coloured fabric, so even the lovers of tomato sauce don't have to worry about a stained un-sponge.


Why bamboo?

For once, this is a plant that doesn’t require the use of pesticides and it grows in abundance. It’s also very versatile, and when turned into fabric it has the following amazing properties:

* moisture wicking

* quick drying

* antibacterial

* anti-fungal

* odour resistant.


Wash on 30°C without fabric softener.


Home compost in the end of its long and happy life (should be about 6 months, but we have been using our first onessince the summer of 2019!). Cut it up and pop it in the composting bin.


Handmade, so slight differences and imperfections are expected.

Size: 10x14cm (approximately)


Made with:

GOTS Organic cotton waffle

Oekotex 100 or GOTS Organic printed cotton  

GOTS Organic cotton thread



- 100% plastic free

- 100% ethical and sustainable

- handmade in the UK

- home compostable

FRoG - Unsponge

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