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Fruit and Veg prices are soaring and availability is constantly changing - we are doing our best to keep our fruit and veg box prices the same - some items will have the be substituted but we will try to keep to the below packing list:


150g purple sprouting broccoli/1 - 2 leeks/ red or white cabbage and extra 50g tomatoes/ butternut squash/swede and extra 50g tomatoes/ Approx. 700g parsnips (depends on availability)

3 x medium onions OR 1 pepper + 1 bunch of spring onion

3-4 x med potatoes

Approx 150g tomatoes

300g closed cup mush/or 3 x flat mush OR white/red cabbage OR 2 x peppers

1 x garlic


If any item is out of stock we will replace it with the most similar fruit or veg that we do have.


Vegetable box (£6)

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