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A surreal couple of months...

It's been a strange time for everyone and we feel that we're extremely fortunate to have been able to play a part in keeping our community fed during these uncertain times.

It's not been straight forward - as many of you know, our Digbeth shop had to close temporarily due to the area being desolate with the much needed 'Stay at Home' message. Whilst at the same time Bournville closed it's doors to walk-in customers and changed exclusively to Click & Collect orders only.

As we slowly move into the next phase of adjustment in the lockdown measures, we are delighted to let you know how the two stores are currently operating with Covid Secure Safety Measures.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank any key workers that may be reading our newsletter and express our gratitude for your hard work these last few months.


The 'Mini Shop' in Bournville is open TUESDAY to SATURDAY: 9am - 2.30pm and
SUNDAY: 2.30pm - 5.30pm. No pre-orders required, no minimum spend and no packing fee!

We have separated out the shop floor so that one customer at a time can safely come into the shop, whilst packing for click and collect orders can continue in the background. The main difference is - our food items are paper-packed in designated amounts in order to eliminate self-service of the dispensers. The reason for this is to reduce the physical contact with surfaces so we can maintain sanitising after every customer. Below is a summary of the safety measures that have been implemented:

  • Hand washing or hand sanitising on arrival is mandatory.

  • Fruit and vegetables can be selected outside first, any smaller items (like cherry tomatoes) are paper-packed.

  • One customer in the shop at any time - shop alone unless necessary.

  • As many of our products as possible will be pre-packed in paper bags in designated amount, please ask for any items that are not on display.

  • We are only accepting your own containers for liquids - please use the sanitiser provided to wipe the exterior before handing to a member of staff.

  • Please acknowledge the two metre social distancing guidelines.

  • We kindly ask you to only touch what you intend to buy.

  • Some food restrictions still apply (please check with a member of staff as this may change).

  • This is a minimal physical contact shopping service so please try to place items in your basket with barcodes facing up so that our staff can scan through without contact (where possible).

  • The counter, basket handles and any other areas that may be touched by customers will be sanitised after every use.

  • Card payment only please.


Click & Collect Service is still available! Collection slots run between
3.30pm - 5.30pm TUESDAY to SATURDAY and 12pm - 2pm SUNDAY.

Shop here:

  • Min spend £15 and 5% packing fee

  • We are currently operating a next day collection service where possible, if your order is put through by 9pm.

  • If you have any specific times/days you would need to come, please write in the notes or email as soon as you have placed your order. We particularly recommend this for Key Workers.

  • This is a minimal physical contact shopping service - items will be paper-packed according to your order and ready for when you arrive. Please pack into your own carrier bags.

  • Only our bottles bought from us can be refilled during the Click & Collect service, as listed on website.

  • Five customers per every half hour time slot to ensure good social distancing.

  • Hand washing upon arrival.

  • Please come alone if possible, to avoid a gathering at the door.

  • Two additional items may be purchased upon arrival.

  • Card payment only please.


Back open WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY 11.30am to 6pm.

The entire shop is open for customer access, but we're limiting self-service as we are trying to reduce the areas that will be touched in order to sanitise after every contact. Please see below for the summary of Covid-19 safety measures:

  • Hand washing on arrival is mandatory.

  • Four customers in the shop at any one time - shop alone unless necessary.

  • As many of our products as possible will be pre-packed in paper bags in designated amounts, no self-service is necessary on these items.

  • We are only accepting your own containers for liquids - this is one of the areas that you can self-serve.

  • Other self-serve products will be the less frequently bought items which we can easily monitor to sanitise straight after.

  • Any other items will be served to you where possible.

  • We kindly ask you to only touch what you intend to buy for Fruit & Veg and any other 'off the shelf' products.

  • Please respect the two metre distance guidelines.

  • Screen protection at the counter (on its way)

  • Card payments only please.

We apologise that we have so many updated procedures - they have been put in place in order for us to protect customers and staff. Keeping our community fed whilst operating safely has been our priority since the outbreak began. We are very lucky to have supportive staff and customers that are happy to adapt to our ever updating Covid-19 policies - we will continually strive to ensure we can provide a safe service.

We cannot thank our customers enough for shopping with us during this time - small businesses have certainly taken a big hit during this time. Being advocates for supporting small businesses ourselves - when you support us you also support all the independent producers and suppliers that we work with. We would love for all small businesses to have a good chance of remaining open after the pandemic settles down. We understand that we won't always be able to compete with some supermarket prices but we will always strive to be able to offer the best price possible on unique, eco-friendly, high-quality products whilst sourcing as local as possible and providing a safer, relaxed environment for you to shop.

Thank you so much for your support!

Jeanette, Tom and The Clean Kilo Team

How it works

Customers are able to use any container they like in order to buy products from our store; as long as it is clean and will fit on our scales! There will also be containers that you can buy, or use the free paper bags provided. Our scales are extremely user-friendlyso that the process of buying upackaged goods is as simple as possible. Check out the video below to see a demonstration.

Which ever container you wish to use, firstly it must be weighed. When you do this a label will be printed with a scannable barcode. Then you can fill the container with any of the products, liquids or solids. To reweigh the product simply scan the barcode and place back on the scales to reweigh, the computer will automatically subtract the tare weight of the container. Repeat this step for all of your products and then you only pay for the contents and not the weight of the container.

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