Digbeth (during Covid-19 only lockdown):

We are closed in Digbeth until further notice. Please help us by using our Click & Collect service in Bournville.

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Bournville (during Covid-19 only) Click & Collect order collection only

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The UK's Largest Zero Waste Supermarket

sticking together through COVID-19...

*New Update - It is with a heavy heart that we will be closing our Digbeth shop until the lockdown is over. Bournville shop will remain open for click and collect only between 2pm to 5.30pm Tuesday to Sunday only - shop here. Apologies, customers will not be able to browse in store as we felt this was the safest solution - please read out latest social media post for further info*


We just wanted to say a huge thank you to all our customers for staying calm and not panic buying (quite a contrast to the supermarkets and what we have been seeing on the news). It is so important for us to be considerate and help each other during this difficult time - we have the utmost respect for our lovely customers!

We are open as normal in both our Digbeth and Bournville shops from the 18th to 22nd March and we will keep you updated for the week after on our new measures (please check our social media pages as these are updated the fastest).

In order to continue supplying food during these uncertain times we would like to remain open for as long as possible. To do this, we need to keep our shops a safe environment for our team and customers.

As of 19.03.20, we will be implementing social distancing measures, as advised by the government:

✅ We will be limiting the customers in both shops to 3 customers in Bournville and 5 customers in Digbeth at any one time. This will allow for us to manage the hygiene and cleaning at a much greater degree after every transaction.

✅Paper bags only (provided), bring your own containers for liquids

✅ Customers are still able to bring their own containers to fill at this stage, however to protect staff, we are advising them, not to handle customer containers directly. We are more than happy to help anyone with mobility issues!

✅ As regulary as possible, we will be restocked on pasta, rice, hand soap and toilet rolls and all the other essentials but we are limiting the amount per customer so there is enough for everyone, in between the deliveries. Luckily our shops are still fairly well stocked thanks to our customers being kind and considerate. We have not experienced the level of shortages the supermarkets have.

✅ We are sanitising dispenser handles, scoops, surfaces, scales and anything else that is frequently touched, continuously throughout the day and some items after each transaction - as well as our usual deep clean in the evenings.

✅ We are asking customers to only pay by card if possible, but we still will accept cash for those who haven’t come prepared.

✅ We are temporarily pausing container donations at this time and requesting customers to use only their own.

✅ We have lots of measures in place for the coming weeks to continue supplying healthy, plastic-free food to our community during this time of uncertainty.

Small businesses have been hit hard with low customer numbers recently - we are so thankful that our loyal customers continue to support us. We are fully committed to serving our community at a time when you may need us the most.

Let's stick this out together, thank you all!

Jeanette, Tom and all the team at The Clean Kilo

How it works

Customers are able to use any container they like in order to buy products from our store; as long as it is clean and will fit on our scales! There will also be containers that you can buy, or use the free paper bags provided. Our scales are extremely user-friendlyso that the process of buying upackaged goods is as simple as possible. Check out the video below to see a demonstration.

Which ever container you wish to use, firstly it must be weighed. When you do this a label will be printed with a scannable barcode. Then you can fill the container with any of the products, liquids or solids. To reweigh the product simply scan the barcode and place back on the scales to reweigh, the computer will automatically subtract the tare weight of the container. Repeat this step for all of your products and then you only pay for the contents and not the weight of the container.

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